Our Approach

Well fare trust was started in the memory of founder of PHG Raja Qurban Abbasi "late"(May his soul rest in Peace), who has vision for the well fare of humanity and the love for the people of Murree.

Girls Boarding Madrasa was put up Free of cost for educating, sheltering and catering food to the students coming from financially poor backgrounds and Orphans who have had very little knowledge of the values of Islam due to the pressure of the circumstances they have been born to. Good environment has been provided to protect them from deviating the path of Islam. In this institution, Nazira(Reading) of Quran, Recitation and the Memorization of the Holy Quran are taught to students under the supervision of capable teachers.

This Madrasa has been functioning for the past 10 years. Currently there are 100 girls studying there.